About Joe O'Malley

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Raised in Philadelphia to a family of union electricians, police, and members of the military, Joe O'Malley grew up with the hope of becoming an artist. Over the past three decades, Joe has established a successful career, developing trust and satisfaction behind his name.

Joe uses his artistry and passion for design to preserve the rare architectural beauty of this country, while making homes unique to the styles and personalities of their owners. Joe prides himself on his work in assisting clients in crafting their homes to be a reflection of themselves—and always doing so at a fair and reasonable rate. His work draws inspiration from ancient construction techniques to the designs of today's modern structures.

Joe began painting at the age of 18 when he walked into a famous hotdog joint in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and asked for a job. By 1989, Joe realized that the market was wide open for artisans with his specialized skills and expertise. When his family decided to move to California in 1992, he was eager follow.

Today at 50, Joe is at the top of his field in Los Angeles home design and renovation. He is the proud father of three stepchildren, and enjoys watching movies, reading, researching archaeology, music, ecology, environmental issues, and ancient history. Joe cherishes the people, projects and opportunities he encounters every day in his work.


"Joe delivered what he promised: excellent workmanship at a fair price. Joe and his crew went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the job. Joe takes enormous pride in his work and it shows. We look forward to working with them again soon."
- Beth, Sherman Oaks

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